Johannes Kölbl

@ percussion

Johannes is currently studying Jazz Drums at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. His second instrument is the Diatonic Accordion, which is a popular folk instrument in Austria. As a musician he is always looking for new sounds and combinations of different instruments. Best example is his duo called „Quetsch `n´ Vibes“ where the Accordion is combined with the jazzy sound of the Vibraphone and other unusual percussion instruments.

Johannes already played concerts in Vietnam, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia etc. with orchestras like the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra, the Landesjugendblasorchester Steiermark or the Austrian Brass Band. Covering a wide range of musical genres by playing in classical orchestras, jazz bands, austrian folk music and world music, he is also composing songs for his Accordion. Johannes is also very interested in the digital audio world. While recording his own songs, editing and mixing them, he is into electronic music production, learning about synthesizers and trying to combine them with acoustic instruments.

One more thing about him is, that he is also building his own drums, called JOKO Drums. With his father he started 3 years ago building beautiful drums made out of wood.