Israeli percussionist Chen Zimbalista has dazzled audiences around the world with an enchanting array of rhythmic sounds that he cajoles from more than forty instruments, played with his lightening quick hands, some of them at the same time. His music – a euphonious blend of pulses and beats – defies classification. A true feast for the senses, his programs are taken from the classical, jazz and ethnic repertoire. Chen developed his skills in Tel Aviv after he was inspired by a drummer at a wedding when he was just five.

By twelve, he knew he wanted to be a professional musician. Among his teachers are Alon Bor of the Israel Philharmonic, Morris Lang of the New York Philharmonic, and Bent Lillof of Copenhagen.A winner of several international competitions, including the Francois Shapira Prize, Chen has performed at the Kennedy Center, at the Schleswig Holstein and Stresa music festivals. Chen has played with Detroit Symphony, Israel Philharmonic, Jupiter Symphony Chamber Players in New York on, the spirit of Europe chamber orchstra, and other major orchestras in Israel, to name just a few.

Chen was taking part in “The Laya Project”, peace concerts in Angola and more. Chen served as the Artistic Director and Conductor of I.A.C Orchestra. The Science and Music Festival at Weizmann Institute of Science and the Artistic Director of TAM TAM International Percussion Festival and the Vocals & Beats concerts sears Zimbalista’s CDs are Desert Beat, Music for Marimba & Piano and marimba Spiritual. Chen has been performing throughout the world – U.S.A., Canada, Italy, Germany, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Israel. Mysticism or happenstance, Chen Zimbalista traces his name to an Eastern European ancestor who played the cimbalom.