A composer, arranger, Qanun player, academic, music teacher at Jerulam Academy, and a teacher in a variety of musical institutes. Born and raised in Ramah village of the Galilee.

Moreb teaches Qanun at the Music Academy of Jerusalem, since 2005. He is also a professor of Arabic signing, Ensembles, and Music Theories. During what is now more than 20 years of being an active professional musician, Moreb accumulated a vast expertise in leading music groups and institutions. He functioned as the artistic director of several orchestras since 2006, such as: Watar Ensemble; Amal Murkus Ensemble; Lamar band; Tarshiha Orchestra and Choir, and more. Moreb was also the director of the Oriental Music Department at Al Kamandjati Institute (Ramallah) between 2011-2012. Moreb established and manages a musical institute in Nazareth.

Moreb composed many musical pieces, in addition to various melodies for different songs in different styles: oriental, western, and international music, as well as composing melodies for theatre and film soundtracks. Moreb also supervised the recording of musical pieces, musical works, and albums that he distributed.

Moreb is the recipient of several grants from the A.M. Qattan Foundation, as well as a winner of the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music prize for composition section.

Mahran Moreb performed, and led different bands, in many festivals, concerts, and tours around the world.